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Ongoing Projects

Our projects include children and pregnant women in and around Mumbai city, belonging to different communities. We reach both boys and girls with nutritional deficiencies within the age group of 4yrs to 16 yrs. Our beneficiaries include cancer patients, hearing impaired, street kids, orphanages, remand homes and more.

Shree Raj Educational Centre

The organisation provides support to children subjected to child labour and are taken care of by providing educational facilities. Till now, 1104 students from Nursery to 9th standard (academic year 2017-18) are benefitted through this educational programme. Annam provides bananas to 1104 children covered under this programme thrice a week.

BJ Wadia Hospital

At B. J. Wadia Hospital's Oncology and Haematology departments, we provide nutrition packs to 222 kids throughout the week. The age of these children is between 1 to 15 years.


EAR institute, which stands for Education Audiology & Research Society, works to support hearing impaired and deaf children. Annam supports 48 children with nutrition packs that provide them the energy replenishment to focus and participate more actively in the rehabilitation activities.

Light of Light Trust, Worli Centre
Light of Light Trust, Worli Centre

Under this project, children are provided with educational material, supplementary education in English and Mathematics, computers, personality development as well as special sessions in dance therapy for holistic development. Annam provides 60 children with bananas thrice and Shakti Bite twice a week.

St. Jude India ChildCare Centres

(St. Judes) currently runs 33 Centres in Mumbai. In major cities of India where low cost cancer treatment is available, children who need treatment for cancer and their parents come to hospitals from distant towns and villages. The hospitals do not treat them as in patients during the long drawn out treatment and these needy families do not have a place to stay whenever the child is not admitted to hospital. Annam provides 225 children with eggs, bananas, shakti bites spread in four centres of st jude.

Salaam Bombay

Annam supports Salaam Bombay Sports Programme by providing nutrition packs to 700 children every week. Annam reaches out to these children through 12 BMC-run schools all over Mumbai, where they are trained professionally in cricket and hockey.

LTMG Sion Hospital

At LTMG Sion Hospital, we are currently supporting 88 children suffering from cancer in the paediatric OPD every week.

K.E.M. Hospital

At K.E.M. Hospital OPD, Annam supports 50 children suffering from cancer, anaemia, and haemophilia.

Cama & Albless Hospital

The Cama & Albless Hospital is a hospital for women and children in the city of Mumbai, India, with 367 beds. Annam provides 320 pregnant women with Shishu shakti powder and lassi to 350 Cancer Patients Annam also provides milk to 40 girl students, 6 times a week.

Tata Memorial Hospital

At Tata Memorial Hospital, we look after 700 paediatric cancer patients in OPD. The children spend the entire day at the hospital undergoing treatment and need sustained nutrition at regular intervals.

Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital

Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital is one of the oldest government hospitals in Mumbai. Annam provides supplementary nutrition by way of protein rich eggs thrice a week to 50 paediatric, female, T.B and plastic surgery patients.

Somaiya Hospital Sahas Programme

Annam provides nutrition to 193 children and women affected by HIV by providing soya chunks and dried dates.

Society for the Education of the Crippled

SEC, which stands for "Society for the Education of the Crippled", provides opportunities to 55 children with multiple physical disabilities. They educate these youngsters who are in the age group of 5 years to 12 years and provide vocational training for their self-sustenance. Annam takes the responsibility to provide them nutrition packs that takes care of their daily nutrition needs.

Oscar Foundation

Oscar Foundation is an institution, which encourages slum kids to attend school through their Football programme. The institution aspires to deter these children from the ills of slums and help them lead a disciplined life by building them into model citizens. Annam takes care of the nutrition needs of 300 such children during their rigorous football training sessions and helps them stay well-nourished and fit. The centres focus on the overall development of slum children through education, computer, and toy centres.

The Education Audiology & Research Society (E.A.R.)

EAR institute, which stands for "Education Audiology & Research Society", works to support hearing impaired and deaf children. Annam supports 48 children with nutrition packs that provide them the energy replenishment to focus and participate more actively in the rehabilitation activities.

Vedanta Trust

Footie First (Vedanta Trust) is a football coaching academy for the children that provide free football & life skills training for economically challenged kids. Boys & girls join the program between the age groups of 6 to 8 years and are provided training 3 to 5 times a week all year round until the age of 18. After they turn 18, they are provided vocational guidance for a lifetime of employability and leadership. Annam provides nutrition to 235 children with bananas and peanuts

Project Jaswantgarh

Rural areas of Rajasthan are in dire need of nutritional support. In a study conducted by Annam, it was found that 55% to 83% of both boys and girls were either underweight or stunted when compared to the accepted standards of weight and height for their respective age categories. Annam provides chana and the moongfali (peanuts) to 1577 children at 13 government run schools within 10 km radius of Jaswantgarh, Rajasthan.

Light of Life Trust, Karjat

Light of Life Trust's Mobile Medical Unit has selected remote, tribal & inaccessible hamlets for its weight gain programme as all the children in these school are underweight & malnourished. This year 7 schools & 2 Anganwadis in 7 villages have been targeted. Around 275 students were included in this weight gain program. Annam provides Shakti Bites twice a week and chana four times a week for this programme, greatly benefitting the children


Annam aspires to help underprivileged children and women in and around Mumbai city by providing nutrition supplements so that they can have a healthy chance of life.


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